Fashion Trends In 2019 ~ by Anu PD

We are well into the new year and taking stock of what lies ahead! Even though we are still pulling at our shawls and coats to cosy up, the fashion winds continue to blow intrends for SS 2019. Here's a shortlist of the runways' latest trends--- in a world where Uncertainty is the only Certainty, its good to loosen up and go explore some new ideas! -- Colours:Saturated colors with neons hit our wardrobes- we have seen these are great ways to brighten up the balance year ahead. Tone-on-tone Beige and Caramel rock!  And Yellow, of course, which shows up in the form of Gold, Pastel Yellow, Turmeric, various shades of pink specially Apricot, including the particularly loud magenta of Pink Peacock, and some gorgeous blues.
-- Print mixing: One of the fastest ways to put a little spring in your step is to mix up your prints -- animal prints (which have been on since last winter) to stripes of all types, to tropical florals, to checks, have fun with prints! If you shy away from all the …


With natural disasters, threats of global conflict and terrorism creating uncertainty around the globe, the macroeconomic environment remains in flux. This leads to a wistful mood and yearning for what was. We see in the New Year, a lot of Revival as far as recent most popular fashion trends go-- like  Jumpsuits, Atheliesure, Denim, fringes, Logos, trench coats-- but all with a spin.  Personalization and Curation are becoming more and more important to the customer who expects everything. Apart from convenience, great price and quality, the consumer is looking for a personal look every time they engage with their chosen brand. So we find that Versatility of a piece of clothing OR as styling continues to gain popularity. 

1) Jumpsuits Jumpsuits are now a staple item in wardrobes and this year too-- elegant  styles at Tod’s, très chic from Apiece Apart, in a ‘70s reinterpretation at Gucci, pastel at Sportmax,  and  boyfriend style at Public School-- one for every taste and body shape-- mos…


Well 2017 is here! 2016 took us through some mind-boggling and unbelievable events and experiences! All of that will definitely change how we perceive our lives and the future. World-events hugely impact trends and style. Here are some outcomes-- ·The Trump-card, Brexit, increase in natural disasters, rising terrorism, concern for the planet, conflicts, have all brought immense uncertainty for the future, with them. As a result, Up-cycling and Re-cycling will gain importance this year. Silhouettes will reflect an individual’s personal spiritual experience
·Apart from these gloomy influences, the world has seen appreciation of culture and tradition as also, awareness and acceptance of beliefs and lifestyle choices. These have resulted in fashion referencing both traditional costumes and new directions like Gender-neutral clothing. In India, with demonetization pulling at us like puppets on a string, the evergreen saree will still come to the rescue when a woman needs to dress for an occa…


It was after a long hiatus that I spent an afternoon walking around Hauz Khas Village or HKV as it is now known and I chanced upon designer Anuradha Prasad Dhawan’s studio. The designer whose salt and pepper look has become a style statement seamlessly combines her role as board member of A4A Group of Companies which operates in the travel and hospitality sector and her yen for fashion. Anu who describes herself as “an entrepreneur by nature and a fashion designer by profession.”  Read More